The Body Soul Beauty Sacred Circle features a team of transformers that are ready to assist you in your quest for greater self awareness and spiritual expansion.


Meet Our Tribe


We invite you to enter the Sacred Circle, a portal to practical magic and collective consciousness for the betterment of body and soul. Find lightworkers with whose unique talents will help raise your vibration your and awaken your spirit. 


Lynne Dominick

Transformational Coach, incorporating the Principles of Human Design, Holistic Beauty & Wellness Advocate & Business Solution Strategist

Why You’ll Love Exploring Your Human Design with Lynne Dominick

Lynne Dominick is passionate about self-discovery.  That passion is expressed in her study of Human Design.  If you are not familiar with it, Human Design is a system about our inner mechanics, the special blueprint that was established for us at birth. 

A Human Design reading will not only provide you with insights about how you were originally engineered, it will allow you to discover the path to living a more authentic life. 

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Paula Jennings

Founder of Celestial High Performance Coaching, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Why You’ll Love Shifting Your Energy with Paula Jennings

Born in Dublin, indoctrinated on Wall Street, and subsequently renewed in India, Paula brings practical experience and pure magic to her energy healing process. 

Whether you elect to clear your spirit or your space, working with Paula will enrich your life, and expand your consciousness. 

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Desiree Marie Leedo

Founder of Invisible Goddess, Divorce Recovery & Life Empowerment Specialist

Why You’ll Love Discovering Your Inner Goddess with Desiree Marie Leedo 

Desiree Marie Leedo understands what it means to feel emotionally wounded.  Her own experience with rejection and divorce has provided her with the insight and empathy necessary to help you heal emotionally.  Step out of the darkness and uncover the invisible goddess that resides within. 

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Amy Contreras

Founder of The Holistic Babe, Intuitive & Spiritual Muse

Why You’ll Love Having an Intuitive Reading with Amy Contreras

Amy Contreras grew up in a metaphysical household.  The daughter of a clairvoyant, Amy’s interest and inherent metaphysical abilities allowed her to develop, rather than resist her intuitive skills. 

Practical, yet transformative, a session with Amy will help answer questions, remove old beliefs and allow you to work toward eliminating things in your life that no longer serve your best interests. 

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Jennifer Goldman

Aromatherapist, Self Care Advocate, Founder and Creator of Essential Rose Life Skincare


Why You’ll Love Participating in a Ritual with Jennifer Goldman

Jennifer Goldman is the Founder and Creator of Essential Rose Life.  This beautiful brand specializes in self-care through loving rituals. Choose from practices that range from awakening the body, to creating sacred space.

Jennifer’s mission is to allow you to disconnect, and tap back into your source, so that you can emerge with an even deeper ability to show up, open your hearts, and inspire others.

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Suzanne Caesar

Award Winning Dancer, Choreographer and Founder of Rhythm for Life


Why You’ll Love Dancing with Suzanne Caesar

Suzanne will forever change the way you feel about dance.  Taking her class will awaken your senses, ignite your soul and clear up blocked energy.

Incorporating ancient movements with tribal music, Suzanne has tapped into her chorographic creativity to develop a routine that will leave you feeling alive, energized and rejuvenated. 

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Pamela Cucinell

Spiritual perspective astrologer with a practical twist


Pamela’s approach to astrology is mythological and psychological; she has studied at the CS Jung Center in NYC and sees each life as a journey with a purposeful destiny.

Her unique timing techniques give accurate support for specific events, transitions and goals. Her sessions provide invaluable insight and as a 7th generation Reiki Master, they are imbued with subtle healing.

Services range from free daily forecasts, teleseminars, private sessions or goal-specific packages. She is the resident astrologer at Wainwright House in Rye, NY where she runs New Moon Gatherings and meditations. Phone and Skype sessions accommodate most clients; in person sessions can be scheduled in Rye, Hartsdale or NYC.

Through her insight, she "turns on the light" to your inspiration. She supplies this support through the systems of astrology and tarot cards and has worked professionally in the intuitive arts since 1990.

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