Body Soul Beauty Inspirations, October 2017

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At Body Soul Beauty, the special energy of Autumn has delivered a few

things that are motivating and inspiring us right now. New

partnerships, new departments, and new recognitions. We thought we'd 

share those with you now:

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From the moment that Joanna Black shared her vision for Curating Simplicity with me, I knew I had to know more. What began as an organizing initiative, has evolved into something closer to a movement: The concept of creating sacred space from a physical location, to our own personal energy centers. I urge you to learn more about their mission, partnerships and plans for expansion. 

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Get Aligned

Proper posture is great for your health and appearance.  Pure Posture is a game-changing device, created by Dr. Beverley Marr, that can not only help your posture, but allow better balance, flexibility and the ability to live pain free.  

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Search Your Soul

Would you like to know more about what makes you tick?  Discover your inner mechanics?  Identify your own unique blueprint and find out how that knowledge can help you live a more authentic, fulfilling life?  

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Award Winning Beauty

Yoga Journal just named Max & Jane’s Transillence Cleanser “Best Natural Cleanser of the Year”!

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