Destiny by Design Coaching

Imagine having a User’s Manual for your Life – one that not only reveals your unique mechanics, but one that reveals how you can optimally operate in the world.

Human Design is a practical tool that reveals your individual blueprint. This new science allows you to gain an understanding of your nature and how that understanding can help in your decision making, from career choices to relationships.

Choose from one of three Package Options below!




Destiny by Design Silver
Introduction to Human Design - Your Authentic Nature

Customized 1:1 private reading to define and interpret your Human Design


  • Gain a different perspective of who you are

  • Learn how to align yourself to the world around you

  • Learn how to limit resistance and approach life with greater ease

Investment: $100


Destiny by Design Gold
A Deeper Exploration of Human Design: Your Nature, Behavior and Decision Making

2 customized 1:1 private readings that provide an expanded interpretation of your Human Design

In addition to the benefits outlined in Tier 1 you will:

  • Learn how you can limit the negative effects of conventional wisdom to maximize your power and your potential
  • Learn how to use Human Design to make decisions that work with, rather than against, your true nature

  • Gain a better understanding of your emotional and intellectual responses to others to forge positive relationships

Investment: $250.

Bonus:  Unlimited access via email for 2 weeks following the session


Destiny by Design Platinum
Mastering Your Mechanics Workshop Using Human Design to Maximize Your Life Force

An interactive Workshop where we will delve into your Human Design,  Life’s Experience, Skill Set and Goals to Unlock Your Life’s Purpose and Design your Destiny

In addition to the benefits outlined in Tier 2 you will:

  • Discover your life purpose so that all areas of your life feel aligned and powerful
  • Learn how to apply HD principles to create a life design of your own choosing

  • Access powerful learning tools and practical meditations to help raise your energetic vibration

Investment: $500


  • $100. VIP Voucher to be applied against the cost of a Retreat, Future Workshops

  • Unlimited access via email for one month following the sessions/workshop

  • Six Month follow up session